Deadline Soon for BC Foal Nomination Discount

The deadline for the online discount is Aug. 1.

(Edited press release)

Deadline for the early discount of $100 off the $500 price for a Breeders’ Cup foal nomination is midnight ET Aug. 1. As a part of a nominator stimulus plan announced April 7, the discount applies to all foals nominated online to the Breeders’ Cup program for the 2009 foal crop if made on or before the Aug. 1 deadline.

To date, Breeders’ Cup has received 1,760 foal nominations via the online service.  Through this time last year Breeders’ Cup had received 638 nominations when the price was $500 per foal.

The early online discount was proposed by the Racing and Nominations Committee as a way to stimulate nominator participation during the challenging economic environment and to encourage greater use of the Web to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

“Nominators have responded enthusiastically by taking advantage of our stimulus program and 20% reduction for on-line users,” said Breeders’ Cup president and CEO Greg Avioli. “We appreciate their loyal support in these difficult economic times and encourage all to take advantage of the discount over the next two weeks.”

Early nomination insures the Breeders’ Cup nomination is included on the catalogue page for weanlings entered into November sales.

All foals sired by a fully nominated Breeders' Cup stallion, European breeders' fund stallion, or BCL/EBF common fund stallion are eligible for nomination to the Breeders' Cup program in their year of birth. The standard $500 foal nomination, for those choosing not to nominate online, will remain in effect, with a deadline of midnight Oct. 15. Late foal nominations may be made by midnight, Dec. 15 of the year of birth by payment of a one-time $1,500 nomination fee.

A Breeders' Cup-nominated foal is eligible to participate in the racing programs of the Breeders’ Cup for its entire racing career without any further nomination payments due.  Breeders’ Cup provides more than $30 million in purses and awards for Breeders’ Cup nominated horses to earn. The Breeders’ Cup funded purses include $25.5 million at the Championships and more than $5 Million in 100 nominator stakes held at 40 tracks around the country.

The Breeders’ Cup foal nomination program began in 1983 with a standard $500 per foal fee. The standard fee has never been increased since its inception. The late nomination fee of $1,500 per foal by Dec. 15 was introduced in 2004.

Early 2009 Foal nomination for 2009 is available on the Breeders’ Cup Web Site at