Illinois Tracks Submit Dates Requests

Racetracks in Illinois submitted their 2010 racing dates request July 31 with the state’s racing board. Between Arlington Park, Hawthorne Race Course, and Fairmont Park, a total of 420 racing programs were requested.

The requests from the three stakes are:

Arlington Park: 90 programs, April 29 through Sept. 26, Thursdays through Sundays. and 2; Feb. 12 through Feb. 28, dark Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, racing on Sunday, Feb. 28; March 1 through April 10, dark Sunday, Monday and Thursday; April 11 through May 2, dark Monday and Thursday.

Hawthorne Race Track: 180 programs, Jan. 1

Fairmont: 150 programs, Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.

This compares to the 2009 approval of 112 live programs for Hawthorne, 75 for Fairmont, and 98 for Arlington.

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