Blood-Horse, Bluebloods in Joint Venture

Agreement provides online access to information on U.S. and Austalian stallions.

Edited Blood-Horse release

Blood-Horse Publications announces a joint venture between its industry-leading Blood-Horse Stallion Register Online and Bluebloods’ newly upgraded Blood-Horse Publications’ flagship publication, The Blood-Horse, is North America’s premier weekly news and information magazine for Thoroughbred racing and breeding. Bluebloods is Australia’s leading monthly Thoroughbred racing and bloodstock magazine.

"The reciprocal agreement gives unprecedented worldwide exposure to the leading commercial Thoroughbred sires on two continents," said Eric Mitchell, executive editor for digital media for Blood-Horse Publications. "We appreciate Andrew Reichard’s innovative approach to providing information to the breeding and racing industries and look forward to growing our relationship with Bluebloods."The Blood-Horse

On, the stallions subscribed to the SRO can be found by going to the "MORE" link in the navigation bar and scrolling down to The Blood-Horse stallions index. The full list is directly linked to the SRO pages and as an added bonus can be sorted by our using the new filter boxes. For example, if you go to the box titled "Sire of Dam" and enter "Secretariat," it will create a short list of the 11 stallions in SRO that are out of Secretariat mares.

"We are delighted to announce that from today 500 leading commercial sires from America's esteemed Stallion Register Online can be accessed directly from our site," said Andrew Reichard, publisher of Bluebloods. "The arrangement with Blood-Horse Publications is a reciprocal one, giving free extra exposure in America through the SRO to the 250 plus active stallions featured on this site.

"My thanks to Stacy Bearse and Eric Mitchell from Blood-Horse Publications for their assistance and support in bringing this project together. The Blood-Horse has assisted us generously in some previous publishing ventures and we look forward to mutual success in this online project," Reichard said. "Thanks also to David Reichard, our IT manager, and finally to Brian and Tim Kelly for helping to bring everything to this stage. The SRO stallions join an extensive list of current and archived stallions that help to provide a comprehensive stallion resource for you, our end users. There will be some exciting and innovative features being added in the next few months."