Horse Farm Workers' Scholarships Given

The Horse Farm Workers Educational Assistance Fund awarded 32 scholarships.

(Edited press release)

The Horse Farm Workers’ Educational Assistance Fund has awarded 32 scholarships for the 2009-2010 school year to children of full-time workers on central Kentucky Thoroughbred farms. Tuition scholarships are for education after high school and are based upon need, merit, essays, and personal interviews.  

To date, 384 annual scholarships (averaging nearly $2000 each) have been awarded since the Fund’s inception in 1996. Approximately 125 scholars have graduated from college or technical programs, several with honors and many on Dean’s lists, including a 4.0 college valedictorian.

The 2009-2010 Horse Farm Workers’ Education Assistance scholars and the schools they will be attending are as follows:

Kaitlyn Alexander - Morehead State U.                          Megan Brady - Morehead State U.
Lindsay Brumley - Thomas More College                    Sarah Burton - Mary Baldwin College
Monica Calleja - BCTC                                                     Cheli Castillo - BCTC
Brett Courtney - BCTC                                                      Josh Davis - Morehead State U.
Pamela Deegan - Murray State U.                                  Liz Fiero - Murray State U.
Shane Goforth – U. of Kentucky                                      Megan Hephner - Middle Tennessee State
Ashley Herrera – U. of Kentucky                                     Mary Koch – U. of Kentucky
Kathleen Layton – U. of Kentucky                                   Megan Lynn - BCTC
Linzay Marks - LSU                                                            Sean Parisel - U. of Kentucky
Steven Powell - Western KY U.                                       Justin Purvis - BCTC
John Rankin - Morehead State U.                                  Trey Rankin - Thomas More College
Jose Salazar - BCTC                                                        Viridiana Salazar - BCTC
Hanna Sams - Morehead State U.                                 Lyndsay Sams - Eastern Kentucky U.
Sarah Shaw - Eastern Kentucky U.                                Stephanie Sosby - U. of the Cumberlands
Miller Thornbury - University of the South                      Parker Wornall - Western Kentucky U.
Lindsay Zahn - Eastern Kentucky U.                              Elizabeth Zajic - Eastern Kentucky U.
BCTC = Bluegrass Community and Technical College

Two of the scholars who will be attending the University of Kentucky are also UK Pollard Scholars, and one is also a Jamal Mashburn Scholar. In addition, six young women are recipients of awards made possible by the “Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee,” and will be attending Middle Tennessee, Morehead, Murray State, and Thomas More.

“Year after year, hard working, extraordinary young people continue to impress the board with their ability, accomplishments, and enthusiasm,” said Rob Whiteley, president of the Fund. “They have internalized the work ethic of their parents, and most of them help pay their way through school by working one or more jobs in addition to carrying a full load of classes. Thus, the goal of the Fund is to provide enough money to these deserving students so that their school work can be their number one priority. In many instances, our scholars are the first in their family history to pursue a post-secondary education; and in some cases, they would not be able to attend without our financial assistance.

“Horse Farm workers are the backbone of the Thoroughbred industry, and these scholars are a source of pride to their parents who have worked so hard in order for their children to enjoy a fulfilling and productive quality of life,” Whiteley continued. “The scholarships are an investment in truly motivated young people who possess initiative and great potential. And the best news of all is that many of them intend to pursue careers in the Thoroughbred industry. In this way, supporting the Fund also makes practical sense, as it helps to build a stronger industry in the future. Several graduates are already distinguishing themselves in the horse industry, including one who is currently serving as the director of racing at a major North American track.”

Tax deductible contributions may be made to the Horse Farm Workers’ Educational Assistance Fund at 2938 Four Pines Drive, Lexington, KY 40502-2969. Applications for the 2010-2011 school year will be available in May, and inquiries may be made to 859-269-1719.