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Le Grand Cru won the off-the-turf Kelso.
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Three Off-the-Turf Stakes Downgrades Upheld

Downgradeds of Kelso, Miss Grillo, and Pilgrim upheld.


The downgrades of three stakes at Belmont Park on Oct. 4 that were switched to the main track from the turf course will be maintained for this year, according to the American Graded Stakes Committee.

The AGSC has policy that a race scheduled for the turf course but is switched to the main track after the closing of nominations because the turf course is unsuitable for racing, is automatically downgraded one grade level for that running only. As part of its procedures, the committee reviews the race to see if it should have the original grade reinstated.

After reviewing the three stakes, the committee maintained the downgraded status. The stakes and their original and revised graded status are: Kelso, originally scheduled as a grade II race on turf, downgraded to grade III; Miss Grillo, originally carded as a grade III on turf, downgraded to ungraded; and the Pilgrim, a grade III on turf downgraded to ungraded.