Courtesy of Claiborne Farm

Claiborne Drops Pulpit's Fee

Pulpit to stand for $60,000 in 2010

The Hancock family's Claiborne Farm has announced its 2010 stud fees. Major stallion Pulpit will be reduced from $80,000 to $60,000 in spite of his continuing success. Prominent young sire First Samurai , whose stud fee was reduced in 2009, will remain at $30,000.

Second-crop sire Stroll  has returned to Claiborne for 2010 and will stand for $7,500. The stud fees of the farm’s other stallions had been set at modest levels for 2009 and will continue to represent value. In addition, farm policy is that no more than 100 mares will be bred to any Claiborne stallion.

“It makes sense to try to help breeders when they are entering a competitive marketplace,” said Claiborne’s Bernie Sams, “and we’ve always tried to set reasonable stud fees and to cap the number of mares bred.”

Claiborne 2010 stud fees::
Arch $25,000
Eddington  TBA
First Samurai  $30,000
Flatter  $5,000
Horse Greeley $6,500
Out of Place $5,000
Political Force $10,000
Pulpit $60,000
Stroll  $7,500
War Front  $10,000
All fees stands and nurses.