CA Trainers Group Agrees to New Election

Members of the California Thoroughbred Trainers board plan to give up their seats.

The nine members of the California Thoroughbred Trainers board of directors gave notice they will resign when a new board is seated after an election in January 2010.

The CTT, in a Nov. 13 release, said the action “came as a response to demands made by some trainer members and a petition calling for a new election.”

In October, a new group called California Horsemen for Change, said the CTT decided to hold a new election after meeting with its representatives. The CHC said the meeting was held to resolve differences between the two organizations; the CHC was preparing to seek decertification of the CTT.

CHC members also expressed concerns over equine medication and racing surfaces.

The nine members of the CTT board are William Anton, Tim Bellasis, Jack Carava, James Cassidy, Gloria Haley, Dan Hendricks, Ed Moger Jr., John Shirreffs, and Clifford Sise Jr. Shirreffs also is a member of the CHC.

Some CTT board members may run for re-election, the release said.

“I believe it was a selfless move by the board members motivated by a desire to prevent an extended disruption and a divisive campaign that might have taken place had they not resigned,” CTT executive director Ed Halpern said. “The board felt that, based on their knowledge of the programs and benefits provided by the CTT, it was in the best interests of the membership to take the necessary steps to ensure that the California Thoroughbred Trainers organization remains the official representative of all Thoroughbred trainers in the state and to avoid such a campaign.”