Son of Dolphin Street Tops Malaysian Sale

Colt brings 230,000 ringgits ($67,923) in U.S. funds.

(Edited Magic Millions press release)

A son of Dolphin Street topped the National Stud Farm premier sale in Malaysia Nov. 20, bringing 230,000 ringgits ($67,923 in U.S. funds). The Australia-based Magic Millions auction firm conducted the sale, which offered juveniles.

"It was an honor for us to be back as the selling agent for this important Malaysian Thoroughbred sale," said Magic Millions managing director David Chester, “and this year's sale was a real record-breaking event. I know everyone here at the National Stud Farm would be delighted. There were 43 2-year-olds offered and all were sold, so to have 100% clearance is an outstanding result."

The gross was more than 2,660,000 ringgits ($785,000), and the average price was 62,698 ringgits ($18,516).

"The previous record average price was a tick over 50,000 ringgits set two years ago," Chester said. "And the figures this year were markedly higher than the same sale twelve months ago."

Leading Malaysian trainer Wayne Lim purchased the Dolphin Street colt.
"The top-priced colt was a lovely horse and proved very popular with buyers," Chester said. "He is a member of the first crop by Dolphin Street in Malaysia."