Local Stolen Horse, Suspicious Activity Alerts Coming Soon

Stolen Horse International is working to set up an early warning system so that owners and riders can be contacted with information about possible crimes in their area.

The group sometimes receives reports of suspicious activity. This information can be passed on to alert owners of a possible threat. Information about stolen horses, vehicles, equipment, and other farm-related crimes can also be circulated quickly to members of the program.

"We have found that the people who steal horses and tack are involved in other farm crimes as well, such as cattle or tractor theft," said Debi Metcalfe, founder of Stolen Horse International. "A thief is a thief and in hard times theft increases. We hope this new program will help all of us raise our awareness when a farm crime happens around us, which may also help us protect our horses and equipment."

If you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood or know of a crime committed on a farm, report it to NetPosse.com.

The program, which is open to all, will be posted through the NetPosse alert system using Twitter.com. To receive alerts, go to twitter.com and follow NetPosse.

For more information, or to report a situation, contact, stolenhorse@netposse.com. Put FARM CRIME in the subject line for immediate attention.

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