Former Owners of Seized Retired Polo Ponies Sought

An equine welfare advocate is hoping to reunite polo ponies seized from a farm owned by Polo Pony Retirement Foundation operator Nancy Mackall in August with former owners who want them back.

Twenty equines were residing on the farm when Orange County, Va., Animal Control Officers removed 10 allegedly malnourished horses from the property in response to a neighbor’s complaint about their condition. Investigators also found 20 unburied horse carcasses on the property.

Another 10 horses were placed with Mackall family friend Gardiner Mulford.

Some of the seized horses are now residing at rescues, while others are in foster homes or adopted. Six of the 10 placed with Mulford have been given away or sold.

“I have the descriptions of the horses in Mulford’s care, and would like to get them back to former owners," said Lindsey Hays, who's helping coordinate the ponies' placement. "At the least we can let people know if their horses were involved in the seizure."

Mackall faces 10 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty along with 20 misdemeanor counts of failing to bury a dead animal. She will appear in court on Oct. 16. Her attorney and uncle Douglas Mackall declined to comment on case specifics.

Former owners who placed horses at Polo Pony Retirement Foundation and are interested in reclaiming their animals should visit  

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