Vets to Participate in National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students can participate in the National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently announced. The Animal Health Emergency Response Corps, a program of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, ensures that critical veterinary staffing needs are met during the response to exotic disease outbreaks and other disasters which affect livestock, poultry, companion animals, and wildlife.

"President Obama's 'United We Serve' initiative challenges us to build a better future for America by engaging in volunteerism," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. "USDA's veterinary response corps will allow those in veterinary medicine to assist their country and have a real impact on our communities during an animal disease outbreak or emergency."

More volunteers are needed to assure a decisive response to any potential animal health crises. For more information on the Corps, visit or e-mail at  

The purpose of the "United We Serve" initiative is to incorporate volunteerism and community service activities into the lives of all Americans in order to strengthen the nation's foundation of service, one community at a time.

The President's call to participate in this program focuses on four key areas where everyone can have a continuing impact in their community: education, health, energy, and the environment and community renewal.

Disclaimer: Seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian before proceeding with any diagnosis, treatment, or therapy.