Michigan Bans Racehorse Steroids

Michigan Horse Racing Commissioner Christine C. White April 1 gave notice to the state's horse racing industry that effective immediately, the presence of anabolic steroids will be prohibited in all horses entered to race at any pari-mutuel track in Michigan.

"Integrity remains our priority," said White. "By incorporating a testing program for anabolic steroids, we are letting everyone know, both horsemen and those wagering, that we are serious."

Michigan is part of a growing national trend that is cracking down on anabolic steroid use in racehorses. While other states have been testing solely through urine samples, Michigan will check for the presence of the drugs in blood samples.

"The blood samples are proving to be more efficient and reflective of the horse's current condition," said ORC veterinarian William Frank, DVM.

The Michigan Office of Racing Commissioner will follow the nationally accepted residue thresholds for the four recognized anabolic steroids as set forth by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium and the Association of Racing Commissioners International.

(Originally published at BloodHorse.com.)  

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