Successful Appeal to Stand for $17,500

Successful Appeal to Stand for $17,500
Photo: Courtesy of Joy Gilbert / Walmac Farm
Successful Appeal

Successful Appeal  , who is represented by nine stakes winners this year, will stand the 2010 season for $17,500 at John T.L. Jones III’s Walmac Farm near Lexington. He stood for $22,500 in 2009.

Following are the fees for all Walmac stallions:

Walmac - Lexington

Bandini   $6,500

Boboman  $5,000

Hat Trick    $7,500

Ready's Image    $8,500
Salute the Sarge  $6,500

Songandaprayer    $12,500
Successful Appeal    $17,500

Tenpins  $5,000

Walmac South - Ocala, Fla.

Roar of the Tiger  $6,000

Walmac Pennsylvania - Grantville, Pa.

Ecclesiastic  $4,000

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