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Sanata Anita

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New Handicapping Contest at Santa Anita

Winner will receive $2,500.

Santa Anita Park has announced the addition of a new on-line handicapping contest, "Winvivor," beginning Jan. 1.

According to a press release from the California track, the contest will "complement" the "Showvivor" handicapping contest, a free contest offered for the past two years. Participation is free and Winvivor contestants will be required to select one horse per day to finish first in a race of their choosing.

"Showvivor has been very popular with our fans and we feel that Winvivor could be a big hit as well," said Santa Anita vice president of marketing, Allen Gutterman, in the release. "By virtue of the fact that you’ll have to pick a winner each day instead of a horse that finishes first, second or third, it’s obviously going to be tougher for people to stay ‘alive’ with Winvivor, but we think it has the potential to create some added interest, which is always good. Showvivor has proven itself to be a great way for our fans from all over the country to stay in touch with our racing product here, and we feel that will be the case with Winvivor as well. "

Both contests will offer $2,500 to the winner. All selections must be registered on-line no later than 10 minutes before first post time at Santa Anita.