Kentucky Horse Council Modifies Mission

The Kentucky Horse Council has redefined its mission statement.

The Kentucky Horse Council said Jan. 12 it has modified its mission statement to offer a “more accurate reflection” of how its role in the equine community has evolved.

The KHC board of directors recently adopted the new mission statement, officials said. It reads: “The Kentucky Horse Council is a non-profit organization dedicated, through education and leadership, to the protection and development of the Kentucky equine community.”

The organization has been particularly active in preserving and developing equestrian trails as well as being an advocate for equine welfare programs. The new mission statement would indicate a broader role in Kentucky’s equine industry.

“As a statewide umbrella organization, the Kentucky Horse Council has been at the forefront of equine community issues for several years,” KHC board president Madelyn Millard said in a statement. “Our new mission statement is a more accurate reflection of how our role within the Kentucky equine community has evolved to include both equine education and leadership.

“For many years, we focused on education as our primary mission. Following that direction, we have emerged as leaders, and it is timely to incorporate the word leadership into our mission statement. The board of directors also felt we need to recognize the equine community, which includes the equine industry and equine interests.”

The KHC tracks state and federal legislation dealing with the equine industry. Last year, it reiterated its support for expanded gambling at Kentucky racetracks because of the “economies at stake” should the breeding and racing industry be further damaged.

The KHC, like many state horse councils, is affiliated with the American Horse Council and sends representatives to various AHC events.