KY Governor Pushes Budget With VLT Revenue

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is urging lawmakers to reconsider his budget plan.

Gov. Steve Beshear is urging Kentucky lawmakers to take another look at legalizing video lottery terminals to avoid cuts in the state's next budget.

Beshear's budget proposal assumed $780 million in revenue from VLTs at racetracks, but it has fallen flat among lawmakers so far.

In a letter to lawmakers Feb. 11, Beshear continued to promote expanded gaming as an alternative to budget cuts or tax increases. Lawmakers are facing a shortfall of more than $1 billion as they attempt to put together a two-year budget that would begin July 1.

Beshear said in his letter that the House can pass his proposed budget without acting on expanded gaming, and then urge the Senate to pass a bill legalizing VLTs at tracks.

House Democrats are reluctant to vote on expanded gaming because the Senate opposes such proposals.