Vic Stauffer

Vic Stauffer

Courtesy of Vic Stauffer

Agent Stauffer to Take Tyler Baze's Book

Fired by Joel Rosario March 10, he'll replace Ron Ebanks.

(from Santa Anita notes)

Jockey agent Vic Stauffer, fired by jockey Joel Rosario March 10, has taken the book of Tyler Baze, whose business was surrendered by agent Ron Ebanks that day when he began representing Rosario. Stauffer will continue to also represent Martin Garcia.

“I looked for Tyler, not the other way around,” Stauffer said March 14. “I was immediately impressed by him with the way he handled the process, very professionally, like the way I like to see it. I talked to him about it and told him I’d be interested in working for him. He said he didn’t want to make a rash decision, he wanted to talk to several people and to some of the barns he rides for, and sort of vet that all out.

“The process took the better part of three days. When he told me last night that I could do it, I felt he approaches things with the care and passion the way I do ... It’s been great.”