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Sick Calder Horse Affects Gulfstream Card

Temporary quarantine of horses at Calder Race Course forces two race cancellations.

Management at Gulfstream Park canceled the first and sixth races March 21 due to a temporary quarantine of horses stabled at Calder Race Course.

The remainder of the card ran as scheduled. Late on the afternoon of March 21, the track announced its March 24 nine-race card would proceed as scheduled. It said that individual race cancellations remain possible depending upon the re-opening of the Calder barn area.

Veterinarian Mike Short of the Florida State Department of Agriculture ordered the Calder barn area closed late the afternoon of March 20 in response to a horse that was displaying neurological signs. Samples from the horse have been sent to a laboratory in Kentucky to be tested, with results expected back March 22.

The affected horse was not euthanized and is still stabled with the other horses in Calder’s Barn 77, which is currently under quarantine.

The other barns at Calder are under temporary lockdown and no horses are permitted to enter or exit the grounds.

While horses stabled at Gulfstream Park, Palm Meadows Training Center, and other facilities throughout South Florida remain unaffected, the move impacted more than a third of the 118 horses entered for Gulfstream’s March 21 card.

“We felt it was only fair to the horsemen who have invested time and money to participate in Sunday’s races, to go forward as planned wherever possible,” said Ken Dunn, Gulfstream Park president and general manager.  “After the fifth race, we’ll fill the time with something entertaining. We’re continuing operations … we have a Wednesday card and a Thursday card, and we’re taking entries for Friday, and we’re going to address issues if they still remain as they come about.”

Entries for the March 25 and 26 programs have also been drawn.

With the cancellation of the first and sixth races, all multi-race wagers involving those two races -- Daily Double, Pick 3’s and the Pick 6 -- were also canceled.