Anne M. Eberhardt

In Kentucky, No Instant Racing Anytime Soon

Instant Racing legislation in Kentucky looks dead in the current legislative session.

Legislation to authorize Instant Racing at Kentucky racetracks apparently won’t come up again anytime soon.

When asked on March 25 about the status of the bill, its sponsor, Republican Sen. Damon Thayer, said: “I don’t have the votes (to bring it before committee).”

The measure passed the Republican-controlled Senate Committee on State and Local Government earlier in March on a bipartisan 11-1 vote. A revised bill was scheduled to come before the same committee March 17, but no action was taken.

Republican leadership, which originally backed it, withdrew support. After that, Thayer said he still had some time to lobby for votes. The General Assembly session is coming to an end, however.

Instant Racing machines are considered pari-mutuel because the results of games is based on previously-run races, but they resemble video lottery terminals.

As of March 25, it appeared there would be no legislative aid for the horse industry during the current session.