Unwanted Horse Coalition Adds Web Page

"Additional Resources" to help horse owners and horse care facilities


The Unwanted Horse Coalition has launched an additional resources page on the organization’s Web site. According to a release, the "Additional Resources" page gives horse owners and horse care facilities a bank of Web sites for use in dealing with unwanted horses or poor financial situations.

"The new resources page will help aid in the UHC’s mission in educating horse owners on owning responsibly," the release stated. Sections with links to programs such as haybanks and feedbanks, vaccination, gelding and euthanasia clinics are included, as well as sites on equine welfare grants.

The "Additional Resources" page can be found under the already existing resources section at the UHC Web site www.unwantedhorsecoalition.org/.

"With many horse owners and horse care facilities in difficult financial situations, the UHC found creating an additional resources page with links to important programs, clinics, and grant sites to be a top priority, "said Ericka Caslin, director of the UHC, said in a statement. "The UHC receives many daily calls and e-mails with questions about programs, grants, vaccinations clinics, and haybanks. We felt that compiling a list of sites and links with important information for people to use and pass along would be extremely advantageous."

Additional Resources will be updated regularly with new sites as options become available.