Assessing Potential Performance Using DNA

Service analyzes a horse’s genetic profile using a panel of 40 regions of the genome

LifeLine Labs, LLC, has announced it is now offering Pegasus Profile, which is described as a "modern high-tech way to assess a Thoroughbred’s potential performance using the latest DNA technology. "

According to the company, the Pegasus Profile analyzes a horse’s "genetic profile using a proprietary panel of 40 genetic regions of the equine genome. The genome is the total amount of genetic information in the horse’s 64 chromosomes. Using a small blood sample, your horse’s genetic profile can be determined from its DNA and then compared to a database of retired thoroughbred horses that have a documented performance history."

According to Dr. Dav Doodnauth, CEO of LifeLine Labs, the service is being offered to owners, breeders, bloodstock agents, stallion managers, pinhookers, and trainers.

"Each horse is assigned a genetic similarity score and the top 10 scores are provided for review<" Doodnauth explained in the release. "Your individualized report will allow you to see the genetic similarities for such performance data as class summary, earnings per start, lifetime Best Beyer figure, 2-year-old Best Beyer figure, average winning distance and winning distance range. The process is independent of pedigree analysis, allowing samples to be submitted with a code for later identification. Rest assured your horse’s identity will remain anonymous in the database.

Based in Central Kentucky, LifeLine Labs is a biotechnology firm that provides equine stem cell services, in addition to the Pegasus Profile.