Anne M. Eberhardt

28 Seek Seats on Breeders' Cup Board

Twenty-eight individuals are seeking seats on the Breeders' Cup board.

Twenty-eight individuals are seeking three-year terms on the 13-member Breeders’ Cup board of members and trustees, the organization announced May 24.

Ten of the candidates are seeking re-election.

The Breeders’ Cup election web site will open June 8 for voting, which is available to current foal and stallion nominators. The results will be announced at the July 16 meeting of the board of members and trustees.

Following are the 28 candidates:

Antony Beck
Reynolds Bell Jr.
Niall Brennan
Case Clay
Jerry Crawford
Edward P. Evans
Bobby Flay
Thomas Gaines
Greg Goodman
John Harris
Michael Harrison
R.D. Hubbard
G. Watts Humphrey
Roy Jackson
Jerry Jamgotchian
Bret Jones
John T. L. Jones III
Mike Lakow
Michael T. Levy
Anthony Manganaro
Dennis Mills
J. Michael O’Farrell Jr.
Garrett O’Rourke
Satish Sanan
Joseph T. Seitz
Robert Trussell
David Willmot
Christopher Young

The 10 incumbents are Beck, Bell, Gaines, Jackson, John T.L. Jones III, Hubbard, Humphrey, O’Farrell, Sanan, and Young.

During its July 16 meeting, the 48-member board of members and trustees will elect members of the 13-member board of directors, which oversees the organization.