Tapp Joins TrueNicks

He will serve as the primary point of contact for subscribing farms and customers.

Blood-Horse Publications announced that Ian Tapp has joined the company as sales and marketing manager for TrueNicks. Tapp will serve as the primary point of contact for subscribing farms and for customers of the TrueNicks product line.

Tapp is a 2009 graduate of Darley Flying Start, an international Thoroughbred industry training program. His tenure in the two-year program included work at stud farms and racetracks in Ireland, England, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and the U.S. Tapp is an honors graduate of the University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program and spent summers working for trainer Todd Pletcher. He relocated from Atlanta, Ga., to the Blood-Horse Publications headquarters in Lexington for the newly-created marketing position.

The TrueNicks sire line affinity system is a partnership of Blood-Horse Publications and Pedigree Research, a Thoroughbred mating consultancy headed by Alan Porter and Byron Rogers. The TrueNicks rating system simplifies nicking analysis in the pedigree of an existing Thoroughbred or hypothetical mating. While straightforward in its interpretation, the system uses the vast data resources of The Jockey Club Information Systems, Inc., to compute ratings. Customers can obtain custom TrueNicks reports by visiting http://www.TrueNicks.com.

"As a result of TrueNicks' rapid rise to market leadership in the two years since launch of the rating tool, any continued growth of the product line necessitates additional sales and administrative support,” said Rogers in a release. “Ian brings to the position a wealth of Thoroughbred knowledge and a passion for breeding and racing quality horses. Ian's work with breeders and with stallion nomination managers internationally will ensure continued growth of the TrueNicks brand."