Poll: Racing, Track Gaming Supported in NJ

New Jersey voters support the horse racing industry, according to a recent poll.

A recent poll indicates support for horse racing and racetrack gaming in New Jersey.

The Quinnipiac University poll was conducted from Aug. 9-17. The Connecticut school conducts public opinion surveys as a public service and for research purposes.

The poll surveyed 1,190 New Jersey voters. The margin of error was 2.8 percentage points, according to a release from Quinnipiac.

The poll came in response to a governor-authorized report that recommended New Jersey government invest in the Atlantic City gaming industry but not horse racing.

The poll says 44% of voters believe the state shouldn’t abandon the horse racing industry, while 39% believe it should. About 16% were undecided.

As for racetrack gaming machines, 47% support them and 43% do not. The results follow along traditional lines: Voters in South Jersey, where Atlantic City is located, generally oppose racetrack gaming, while voters in North Jersey, where Meadowlands is located, support it.

Revitalization of Atlantic City as a beach and boardwalk resort was supported 69%-25%, but a proposed state takeover of the city’s casino district was shot down 46%-33%, according to the poll.