Erceg Promoted at Oaklawn Park

She is the track's new assistant director of mutuels.

(Edited Oaklawn Park press release)

Milena Erceg, who has more than nine years of experience in the racing industry, has been named the assistant director of mutuels at Oaklawn Park in Arkansas.

“Milena is very deserving of this title and position,” said Bobby Geiger, Oaklawn’s director of gaming and wagering. “She has always been a valuable member of our team, and is a leader throughout our department.”

In her new role, Erceg will be responsible for the hiring, training, and scheduling of all mutuel department staff, including the training of up to 100 new mutuel tellers during each Oaklawn live season. Her other responsibilities include supervising the requisite fiscal reports that are mandatory to various federal and state agencies.

Erceg, a native of the former Yugoslavia (now Bosnia), moved to the United States in 1971 and graduated from Hot Springs High School in 1979. She has served in several capacities in the mutuels department at Oaklawn, including wagering personnel manager and chief of scheduling for all gaming cashier and mutuels department employees.

A certified translator for the State of Arkansas in Serbo-Croation language, Erceq had been a small business operator prior to her involvement with Oaklawn.