Tattoo Lookup Available on Smart Phones

Service allows access to The Jockey Club’s Registry from mobile devices.

Tattooed but unknown Thoroughbreds can now be identified from smart phones following the integration of "Tattoo Lookup" into Registry mobile, the platform that enables owners and breeders to access The Jockey Club’s Registry from their mobile device.

Tattoo Lookup, a component of The Jockey Club’s Tattoo Identification Services, enables Interactive Registration customers to enter a tattoo number and receive the matching Thoroughbred’s name, year of birth, color, sex and dam’s name. Each successful lookup also includes a link to its Five-Cross Pedigree.

“We identified the need for a mobile capability when we saw the exceptional response to the desktop version,” said The Jockey Club’s executive vice president and executive director Matt Iuliano.

“Tattoo Lookup has been accessed more than 218,000 times since its launch in April 2009,” said Andrew Chesser, customer service coordinator for The Jockey Club. “Ongoing dialogue with our customers and with representatives of retirement organizations leads us to believe that Tattoo Lookups will grow exponentially with the mobile service now available.”

“The ability to look up tattoo numbers on a mobile device will be extremely useful for rescue and retirement organizations and will surely aid in the identification of Thoroughbreds” said Erin Crady, executive director of Thoroughbred Charities of America.

Registry mobile was launched in August providing access to the Online Names Book and the list of recently released names. To access Registry mobile, simply go to or click on the link found at