Christian Santiago Reyes

Christian Santiago Reyes

Jockey Reyes Suspended 30 Days

Suspension begins Oct. 14 during Oak Tree at Hollywood Park meet.

Jockey Christian Santiago Reyes, the top apprentice rider in North America last year, has been suspended 30 days for violating California racing rules pertaining to weighing out.

According to the stewards ruling, Reyes was determined to have a one-pound weight in his pants when weighing out prior to the first race at Hollywood Park on June 6, 2010, in violation of California Horse Racing Board rules regarding weighing out and having a prohibited item in his possession when attempting to weigh out.

During the stewards’ hearing, clerk of scales Ruben Hernandez said Reyes initially weighed two pounds less than the 118 pounds he was to carry in the race. Hernandez said he told Reyes’ valet that the jockey would need to add two more pounds, which is usually achieved by adding weighted pads or lead weights placed in the pockets of the saddle on the horse. The rider has the saddle and any additional weights with him when being weighed prior to a race.

When Reyes approached the scale for the second time, Hernandez noticed a bulge in the pants. Hernandez testified he felt the bulge and based on the size, shape and weight of the object assumed it was a weight. When asked what was in the pants, Reyes, responded "one," which Hernandez said he took to mean a one-pound weight. He asked Reyes to remove the object, although he did not require it be done in his presence. When Reyes returned to the scales for the third time, his weight with equipment, was correct. His mount, Jenny Jenny Emily, finished last in the race.

During Reyes’ hearing, an attorney for the jockey asked that the case be dismissed since the weight was not actually seen by the clerk of scales or his assistant.

The stewards ordered Reyes to serve the suspension beginning Oct. 14 during the Oak Tree at Hollywood Park meet.