Flash Rainstorm Forces Hollywood to Cancel

Wet spots on the backstretch forced decision to abandon program, officials say.

Wet spots on the Hollywood Park Cushion Track following a flash rainstorm in the morning forced officials to cancel its live Oak Tree racing program Oct. 6.

The drainage problem on the backstretch was the result of heavy water overflow from the stable area, officials said.

The local area received an estimated 1 ¼ inches of rain in a span of about one hour on the morning of Oct. 6. This caused a large overflow to swamp parts of the Cushion Track.

After consultation with trainers and jockeys, some of whom walked the surface, the decision was made to cancel.

“It was hard to believe a monsoon in Los Angeles in October, but it happened,’’ said Sherwood Chillingworth, director and executive vice-president of the Oak Tree Racing Association. “It was unfortunate for the fans that were here, but we will petition the California Horse Racing Board for a make-up day.’’

Racing is to resume Oct. 7. Post time is 1 p.m.