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KY Legislative Panel Defers on Vest Rule

The Kentucky legislative subcommittee reviews regulations.


A Kentucky legislative subcommittee has deferred for a month action on Kentucky Horse Racing Commission rules requiring safety vests for jockeys, exercise riders, and anyone else on horseback at the track.

The Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee reviewed the new regulation during a meeting Oct. 12 and put off consideration until its November meeting.

Susan Speckert, general legal counsel for the KHRC, said the subcommittee’s decision not to consider the regulation at the Oct. 12 meeting has no effect on the safety vest rule, which is now in effect. She explained that the legislative subcommittee reviews regulations to determine whether a regulation is "deficient" under certain statutorily prescribed circumstances.

She said the subcommittee did not find the rule deficient; they just deferred discussing it.

The rule, which also includes regulations on jockey advertising, was implemented on an emergency basis by the racing commission. Implementation of the regulation was initially delayed because of concerns over the lack of availability of vests that meet the international safety organization standards required by the regulation.

While aimed primarily at jockeys and exercise riders, the rule applies to trainers and assistant trainers who oversee their stables while on horseback.

The subcommittee’s decision to defer approval of the regulation came after representatives of the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association and the Jockeys’ Guild voiced concerns over the regulation. The Courier-Journal reported that the subcommittee members criticized implementing the regulation on an emergency basis and also questioned whether all entities that would be impacted by the rule had been consulted sufficiently during the process of drafting the regulation.