TrueNicks Launches Enhanced Nicking Report

The new report builds on the original TrueNicks nick rating reports.

TrueNicks has launched an enhanced nicking report that gives breeders, buyers, and stallion owners comprehensive data points to analyze the pedigrees of hypothetical matings and potential purchases.

The new report builds on the original TrueNicks nick rating reports, which draw from the full database of The Jockey Club Information Systems.

In addition to the original TrueNicks rating and variant score, five-cross pedigree, inbreeding notation, and dosage statistics, the TrueNicks enhanced report adds a second page of cross-specific data points, including:

--Number of starters considered in each rating
--Auction results for the sire/broodmare sire cross
--Surface performance
--Sire and broodmare sire AEI, average winning distances, and chief earners
--Number of foals of racing age, starters, winners, stakes winners, earnings, and average racing/winning distances
--Racing statistics listed by all foals, by colts, and by fillies
--Comparison tables for sire and broodmare sire lines with all other lines
--Top 15 horses bred on the cross (increased from five)

TrueNicks was developed by Blood-Horse Publications in partnership with Alan Porter and Byron Rogers of Pedigree Consultants.

According to a release from TrueNicks, in advance of the 2011 breeding season, TrueNicks is offering free enhanced reports for all of its 500-plus subscribed stallions through the end of the year. Unlimited enhanced reports can be retrieved at Reports for all other stallions are available through for $25.

“Now—all in one comprehensive report—the breeder or prospective buyer not only has the TrueNicks rating, but beyond that a snapshot of what the mating means in terms of potential aptitude and commercial prospects,” said Porter, who first introduced the enhanced reports at this year’s Thoroughbred Pedigree and Genetics Symposium in Lexington on Oct. 11. “Using the whole database of The Jockey Club Information Systems, the report presents the most current, accurate, and comprehensive information available.”

“In addition to the TrueNicks rating, stallion owners are now presented with a wealth of information to help them manage and promote their stallions, including auction, surface, and distance data,” Rogers added. “Additionally, with the report now showing the top 15 horses bred on the cross, stallion owners now have a more compelling case for promoting the mating at hand to prospective breeders.”