Perfect Soul, Tale of Ekati Stand for $15,000

Darby Dan also keeps same fees for Sun King, Magna Graduate, and Nobiz Like Shobiz.

Darby Dan Farm will stand Perfect Soul  and Tale of Ekati  for $15,000 in 2011. Perfect Soul's fee is the same as it was last breeding season, while Tale of Ekati will be entering stud in 2011.

Darby Dan, owned by John Phillips and located near Lexington, also kept the same fees for Sun King ($10,000), Magna Graduate  ($5,000), and Nobiz Like Shobiz ($2,500). The farm reduced fees for Suave ($10,000 from $12,500) and Run Away and Hide  ($5,000 from $7,500).

Darby Dan will stand All American, who formerly stood in Australia, for $10,000 and Ambassador and Repriced for private fees.