Broadcasters Added to Turf Writers Group

The organization changed its name to National Turf Writers and Broadcasters.

The National Turf Writers Association has approved changes in the organization’s official bylaws to open its membership to professional broadcasters and to rename the association to reflect its broader membership.

The NTWA has changed its name to the National Turf Writers and Broadcasters and will now be open to professional broadcast journalists and broadcast media representatives who previously did not qualify for membership.

“These changes will not only strengthen our organization but also help us maintain a relevant and important position in the racing industry,” said Tom Law, president of the NTWAB and managing editor of Thoroughbred Times. “The changes, which were also unanimously endorsed and approved by the NTWA’s officers and board of directors, put the organization on the right path toward a stronger membership and greater voice in the racing world.”

As a result of the changes, the NTWAB will have four distinct classifications of members—regular writer members, regular broadcaster members, associate members, and honorary members.

According to the bylaws, regular writer members are “working Turf writers” and regular broadcaster members are “working radio and television broadcasters,” and membership qualifications will continue to be that the NTWAB is open to individuals who are “actively and professionally engaged in the coverage of Thoroughbred racing.”

Founded in 1959, the NTWA was formed to “promote, foster, and encourage closer relationships among its members, improved working conditions, better understanding between its members and the governing powers of Thoroughbred racing, and the development of Thoroughbred racing and breeding,” according to a NTWAB release.

The NTWAB, along with Daily Racing Form and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, is one of the presenters of the Eclipse Awards that annually honor racing’s best performers. Regular writer and regular broadcaster members of the NTWAB are eligible to vote for the Eclipse Awards and this year’s NTWAB group will have more than 130 eligible voters.