EBF Makes Program Changes in Wake of BC Move

The European Breeders' Fund has made some changes in its nominations scheme.

The European Breeders’ Fund said Dec. 14 it has made changes to ensure horses sired in the Northern Hemisphere can be nominated to the EBF program of roughly 1,200 races.

The action came as a result of a move by Breeders’ Cup to end a longstanding cross-registration agreement it had with the EBF. Breeders’ Cup in September announced a strategy to encourage more international participation in the Breeders’ Cup World Championships and related Challenge races.

EBF officials said any stallion standing in the Northern Hemisphere but outside the EBF area can be nominated to the program at 50% of the advertised 2011 stud fee. Foals conceived in the year of payment will be automatically eligible for the EBF without per-head payments.

Horses not EBF-eligible can’t compete in the about 1,200 races—maiden events, condition races, listed events, and handicaps—offered each year.

To nominate stallions in 2011, parties will be required to sign a “legal undertaking” to make the appropriate payment, pay a $150 registration fee by June 30, and pay the balance of 50% of the advertised fee by Dec. 15.

Foals conceived in 2011 by a stallion that stands in the Northern Hemisphere but outside the EBF area and is not nominated to the EBF in 2011 can be nominated to the EBF as in the past according to the following schedule: $500 by May 2012; or $3,000 by Feb. 15, 2013; or $6,000 by June 30, 2014.

Southern Hemisphere stallions can be nominated at 25% of the advertised fee, or foals can be nominated individually.