Horses Being Rescued from Australian Floods

The extreme flooding in Queensland, Australia, has reached what some reporters are calling "biblical proportions." The still-rising water now covers an area as large as France and Germany combined, according to a report on the ABC Brisbane website. The damage from the water (which could rise to 30 feet or more) is expected to exceed $1 billion, according to the U.K.-based Telegraph.

According to, Australian authorities have been successful in rescuing many of the horses residing in the flooded areas. In an article posted on their website, Horsezone reports that authorities rescued approximately 20 horses last week and operations to rescue remaining horses are still being carried out.

Another report from the New Zealand-based website Horsetalk said that animal owners that have not yet evacuated their homes were being urged to make emergency plans for their animals, and "provisions for any livestock that may need to be left behind."

The Telegraph reports that the flood is expected to reach its peak on Jan. 5.

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