Two Charged in Ohio Horse Shooting

Two Ohio men are facing multiple charges after allegedly engaging in a shooting spree that left one horse dead.

According to a news release provided by Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks Sr., Jakeb M. Bailey and Blake M. Keel allegedly left Keel's residence in the early morning hours of Dec. 23 in a vehicle containing a loaded rifle. The pair allegedly shot and killed five deer. Keel allegedly killed a horse, according to a text message provided by a witness. The pair also allegedly shot a mailbox and two vehicles.

Both Keel and Bailey were later charged with handling a weapon while intoxicated, being in possession of a weapon while under disability, complicity in injuring an animal, and three counts of complicity in criminal damaging.

Neither Keel nor Bailey could be reached for comment.

No court date has been set, Mincks said.

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