Virus Precautions Stepped Up at Beulah Park

All horses at Beulah Park must have their temperatures taken and reported each day.

With two barns at Beulah Park quarantined because of equine herpesvirus, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is ordering that all horses on the grounds at the track have their temperatures taken and recorded each day.

Barns 23 and 24 are quarantined. Barn 25 was released from quarantine earlier when it was determined no horses were infected. Biosecurity measures have been in place since before the winter/spring meet at Beulah Park began Jan. 8.

The Department of Agriculture is following strict protocol; thermometers must be disinfected and can’t move from barn to barn. Temperature readings must be turned into the Beulah Park stewards by noon each day.

Horsemen that fail to take and report temperatures will be fined $25 per horse, and the penalty will be doubled for subsequent non-compliance, officials said. High temperatures must be reported to state veterinarians immediately.

The Ohio State Racing Commission has ordered no horses can leave Beulah Park until the quarantine is lifted. The OSRC would prefer no horses enter the grounds, but if they do, they aren’t permitted to leave until the quarantine ends.