Michigan Man Charged in Horse Killings

A Michigan man is charged with killing two horses, one of them his own, according to Ottawa County law enforcement authorities. The man suspected his wife and her horse's trainer were engaged in an extramarital affair.

Ottawa County sheriff's department Lt. Mark Bennett said Dennis Finkler and his wife were at the stable where they boarded their 12-year-old Quarter Horse on Feb. 11 when they engaged in a domestic argument involving the horse's trainer.

"Mr. Finkler thought something was going on between them," Bennett said.

Following the argument, Finkler allegedly entered the barn where his horse and the trainer's Palomino horse were kept and allegedly cut the horses' throats, Bennett said.

The trainer contacted Ottawa County law enforcement authorities the following morning after discovering the animals dead in the barn.

"They bled out in the stalls," Bennett said.

Finkler was unavailable for comment.

Bennet said Finkler was later charged with two felony counts of killing and torturing an animal, one count of malicious destruction of property, and one count of unlawful use of a motor vehicle (for using the trainer's tractor to remove his truck from a snowbank).

Finkler is free on a personal recognizance bond. No court date has been set.

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