Operator Error Cause of Calif. Wagering Snafu

Betting pools on simulcast of Turf Paradise race stayed open after race was run.

A report from the California Horse Racing Board has cited operator error at a data center as the cause of a snafu that allowed some betting pools to remain open following the simulcast of a race in January.

According to the report issued March 1, the snafu occurred Jan. 26 when betting on a simulcast of the first race from Turf Paradise was permitted to continue at some simulcast facilities for five minutes after the race had begun. According to the report, the race began at 11:32.34 a.m. but wagering on the race was allowed to continue until 11:37.45. In the interim, 86 bets totaling $473 were placed; $3,896 was wagered on the race legitimately at the simulcast facilities.

The report said the 86 bets were refunded and the ticket holders on the legitimate wagers were paid.

Although there was an operator error at Sportech, a company that provides tote services to California tracks and simulcast facilities, teh CHRB concluded that its protocol for handling such matters was followed.

“The CHRB determined the problem was due to an error by an operator or operators at the Quantum Data Center in Sacramento,” the report said. “While this error was regrettable and not condoned, the CHRB was encouraged to find that long-standing security measures were followed that prevented anyone from benefitting illegally from the error. All legitimate winning tickets were paid, while all wagers made after the start of the race were refunded. Sportech, which provides totalizator services for California, cooperated fully in the CHRB’s review and has assured the Board that additional steps are being taken to prevent this type of error in the future.”

Download: CHRB Reporton Turf Paradise Wagering