Anne M. Eberhardt

Kentucky Racing Bills Pass Both Chambers

Racing-related legislation in Kentucky has passed the General Assembly.

Bills authorizing participation in an interstate racing compact and some oversight of advance deposit wagering companies have passed the Kentucky House and Senate and will go to Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear for his signature.

Concurrence on the bills was attained March 4.

The ADW legislation, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Larry Clark, calls for licensing of ADW providers and quarterly reporting of pari-mutuel handle on Kentucky races. The compact bill, pushed by Republican Sen. Damon Thayer and Democratic Rep. Susan Westrom in their respective chambers, makes Kentucky the first major state to join; six member states are needed to launch the compact.

Neither bill offers immediate relief for the struggling Kentucky horse industry. The Kentucky General Assembly session for 2011 is wrapping up, again with no funding for an industry that continues to lose participants and horses because of competition from other states that support racing and breeding through other means such as alternative gaming.