Brereton Jones

Brereton Jones

Anne M. Eberhardt

Jones Resigns as Chairman of KEEP

Jones has served as chairman of the organization since it was formed in 2004.

Brereton Jones, who has served as chairman of the Kentucky Equine Education Project since it was formed in May 2004, has resigned from his position.

“It’s been six years, I’ve been the only chairman, and it’s time for someone else to come in with some new ideas and take us to even further heights,” said Jones, owner of Airdrie Stud near Midway, Ky., and a former Kentucky governor.

KEEP was formed with the purpose to educate Kentucky residents on the importance of the horse industry to the state's economy. The organization has grown to more than 15,000 members since 2004, and has also given more than $600,000 to 800 Kentucky horse-related organizations over the last four years according to its website.

“I’m a total happy camper with all the people at KEEP and the work we’re trying to do, but there comes a time when dealing with the political situation becomes a little laborious,” said Jones of the organization, which frequently works for passage of legislation benefiting the horse industry. “I am as committed to the industry as I’ve ever been. I’ll stand up and fight for it every chance I get from now until the curtain comes down.

“But the important thing is there are good people involved in KEEP, and we need to keep them involved, and other people need to step up to the plate and carry a bit of the burden, which everyone is willing to do. It’s a wonderful group of people; there’s no animosity to this, let me assure you.”

Jones said it will be up to KEEP’s 36-member board to choose a new chairman. “There are a number of people that are qualified, and they will be meeting later on this month. That will be one of the primary points of discussion.

“I’m not going anywhere; I’m going to keep breeding horses, and we’re going to keep working for the industry in every way possible.”