TVG Eliminates 20 Positions

Decision by network owner Befair focuses on need to restructure and streamline.

TVG has eliminated 20 positions, including some of those held by on-air racing analysts, in what was termed a "streamlining" move by the company owner, British-based Betfair.

The decision eliminating positions at TVG, which combines televised horseracing and advance deposit wagering, was announced March 24. Betfair purchased the network in 2009.

On-air hosts Bob Baedeker and Chris Kotulak are reportedly among the layoffs, though that could not be independently verified. Two other analysts, Frank Mirahmadi and Frank Lyons, have also had their biographical information removed from the TVG website.

"We are restructuring segments of company operations, including streamlining some production roles and automating some sections of the network," said Stephen Burn, CEO of Betfair TVG, in a statement. "One result of this is the elimination of approximately 20 positions from TVG's workforce.

"Any job losses are regrettable, particularly those involving people who have given many years of loyal service," Burn added. "We will continue to invest in our business and are committed to delivering the high quality programming and service our customers have come to expect."

Tony Allevato, TVG's senior vice president and executive producer, did not respond to phone messages. Burn, who was traveling March 24, according to a company spokesman, did not respond to an email request seeking further information.

"Betfair TVG has no further comment beyond the statement it has issued," the spokesman for the company said.