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Horse of the Year Zenyatta In Foal at 60 Days

Post on Zenyatta website says there will be no testing done to determine foal's sex.

Zenyatta, the 2010 Horse of the Year owned by Jerry and Ann Moss, has been pronounced in foal at the 60-day mark after being covered by Bernardini .

The 7-year-old daughter of Street Cry--Vertigineux, by Kris S., had been declared in foal to Bernardini earlier in the year but was not in foal when checked at the 35-day mark. She was bred back to the Darley stallion and is now in foal again.

According to a May 31 post on the Zenyatta website, the owners will not test to determine the sex of Zenyatta’s prospective foal.

This is the text of the post at Zenyatta.com:

"I hope each of you had a wonderful, restful, and peaceful holiday! This day is also a special time to remember all that Memorial Day truly represents as well.

"Everything at the farm is going very, very well. I want to share with you the fabulous day I have had so far. This morning, my vets came to check me and… Yes, I am eating for two! As of this morning, I have had what is technically called my ’60 day check-up’. I am happily in foal! All is A-OK! My pregnancy is progressing nicely and the baby has a very strong heartbeat! YIPPEE!

"I must say I am so excited and so are all of my team and family members! This is such terrific news! Bernie and I are going to be parents!

"As is the Moss’ policy, we are not going be fetal-sexing to determine if the foal is a colt or filly. My owners never do this with any of their mares. Part of the fun, in their opinion, is the anticipation. We will wait and be surprised!

"Now, I’m off to graze and enjoy the rest of the day! I’ll fill you in on more details as we go along! Thank you so much for all of your understanding and patience the last few months on this topic! I so appreciate your kindness and support!"