Retirement Plans for FTBOA's Hancock Outlined

Dick Hancock has been executive director of the organization for 22 years.

Dick Hancock, executive director of the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' and Owners' Association for 22 years, plans to retire before his contract ends, according to organization president Fred Brei.

In a post on the FTBOA website June 25, Brei said he and Hancock had been discussing a method for the early retirement of Hancock, whose contract runs through August 2012.

“My position has been that what is best for the association and its members is that we are in a position to bring in a new executive director to get his feet on the ground and operational prior to Dick’s retirement,” Brei wrote. “The executive committee will be reviewing an offer that has been made by Dick for an early retirement, and we will be reviewing that proposal at a meeting next week. If the executive committee approves it for submission to the board of directors, it will go before the board for consideration and approval.”

Brei said Hancock would continue to serve in his position on a full-time basis through December of this year unless a replacement is selected prior to that. If Hancock’s successor is hired prior to December, the current executive director would “would step down as executive director and would remain in the capacity of formulating legislation that we drastically need in the coming year,” Brei said.

If a replacement is found, beginning in January 2012 Hancock would be reduced to working two days per week until August.

“It is important for all of us to understand that this man has put in more than 22 years of his life building what the association is today,” Brei wrote. “I can tell you from being extraordinarily involved since becoming president last October that what we are today has been because of Dick’s effort and follow-through in getting our programs approved through the legislature for more than 20 years.”