Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Anne M. Eberhardt

Horse Racing in China to Begin Sept. 3

Racing will be held one day a week with four to six races on the program.

China will begin offering live horse racing Sept. 3 in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province and largest city in Central China. Wuhan is actually a generic name, referring collectively to three linked cities—Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang—midway along the course of the Yangtze River.

Top horses and riders will compete in four to six races held on one day of racing per week, according to a report on the Australian-based Racing and Sports website. The feature open race will be managed according to the game rules approved by the Chinese Equestrian Association.

Spectators can take part in a quiz with prizes on the races and win “Horse Fan” cards that represent winning points. State organizers say the betting will adapt to international standards in progressive steps, Racing and Sports reported.

In related news, the Wuhan Commercial Services College and Northern Melborne Institute of TAFE will setup a horse-racing management training class to recruit students in 2012. This program is the first international cooperative racehorse training program between China and foreign colleges.