Stanger Honored by American Horse Council

Edith Stanger received the Van Ness Award for her dedication to the horse industry.

Edited press release

The American Horse Council has awarded its annual Van Ness Award to Edith Stanger of Idaho Falls, Idaho. The award is given to a person who embodies the dedication and service of the late Marjorie Van Ness, a founder of the New Jersey Horse Council.

Though more known for owning the world’s largest herd of registered Appaloosas, Stanger played an active role in lobbying for a new Idaho law that allows simulcast wagering on horse racing away from a live racing facility. Simulcast facilities can also transfer their licenses within a county. Under the previous law, only a live horse racing facility could accept simulcast wagers. Throughout Idaho, most racetracks are at county fairgrounds, where the facilities aren’t the most suitable entertainment venues for attracting bettors.

“Edith has also worked for the entire industry,” said Jay Hickey, AHC president. “She helped get legislation promoted to aid the racing industry; and to get the brand inspection check-off fee dedicated to the Idaho Horse Board, which awards grants to horse activities that meet the strict criteria of use for research, promotion, or education.”

Stanger was also instrumental in founding the Idaho State Horse Council in 1975 and continues to serve the organization.