Trainer Barry Abrams

Trainer Barry Abrams

Barry Abrams Recovering from Throat Surgery

Trainer showing improvement after five-hour procedure to remove cancerous tissue.

Southern California trainer Barry Abrams came out of surgery for throat cancer in excellent condition, his brother David Abrams reported July 6.
Barry Abrams underwent surgery July 5 at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.

“Overall, the operation went as well as can be expected,” said David Abrams of the five-hour procedure to remove cancerous tissue from his brother's throat. Barry Abrams, 57, had surgery for throat cancer six years ago.

“The doctors were able to save his jugular and carotid artery, but they had to cut a little near his voice box,” said Abrams. “His voice will be a little more raspy, so he won’t be able to yell at the jockeys as much.”

Abrams said his brother was in good spirits shortly after the surgery.

“Two hours after, he was joking and had a real good sense of humor,” he said. “When I told him they were able to save his jugular and carotid, he gave me the thumbs-up. When I told him they had to cut into the voice box, he gave me the finger.

“Later in the afternoon, he wanted to get a bet down at Indiana Downs.”

Abrams said that his brother might be able to return to his Arcadia home this weekend before being re-evaluated in two weeks. “He will need some radiation,” he said. “And he will have to take thyroid medication for life.

“The doctor said the long-range prognosis is that Barry can live as normal a life as anybody who never had the cancer,” Abrams added.

“We’re hoping that Barry can make the last part of Del Mar,” said Abrams, who lives in San Diego.

Assistant Richard Baltas is supervising the 32-horse stable.