Six Candidates Seek Election to BC Board

There are six candidates seeking election for three positions to the BC board.

The Breeders’ Cup announced July 7 that there are six candidates seeking election for three positions to its board of directors.

Those individuals are Bret Jones, Robert Manfuso, Garrett O'Rourke, Bill Oppenheim, Richard Santulli, and Barry Weisbord. Manfuso and Santulli are current directors seeking re-election.

The Breeders’ Cup Members, comprised of 48 individuals, will determine election of the directors through voting that concludes Wednesday, July 13 at the annual meeting of the members. The election results will be announced following the meeting.

In April, the members and the board passed a resolution extending the service of a director to a term of four years, instead of the previous system of two-year terms. Due to this change in term limits, the election of the directors, as voted annually by the members, will be conducted through a staggered procedure, beginning with the election of three directors in July, followed by three in 2012, three in 2013, and four in 2014.

There are a total of 13 directors on the Breeders’ Cup board. The directors not up for election this year are: Helen Alexander, Antony Beck, Jerry Crawford, William Farish Jr., Roy Jackson, Tom Ludt (chairman), Clem Murphy, Satish Sanan, Oliver Tait, and David Willmot. Current director Duncan Taylor is not seeking re-election.