Jockey World Creates New Online Program

Jockey World Academy offers information on a broad range of racing industry topics.

Jockey World, former jockey Frank Lovato Jr.’s website, has expanded to create “an online education program that offers a solid foundation for individuals with a desire to further their knowledge or pursue a career in the horse racing industry.”

According to a release, curriculum for the Jockey World Academy was created in collaboration with educator Fred Clemons and will offer information on a broad range of racing industry topics. Those who complete the program “will have gained the knowledge to pursue a career in horse racing” and will receive a certificate of achievement, according to the release.

“Jockey World Academy is a comprehensive online study course that provides a beneficial and valuable education into the world of horse racing,” Lovato said in a statement. “It offers anyone with a true passion for horse racing a greater foundation of knowledge that will enhance career building opportunities and achieve a much better understanding of the sport.”