Nerud Makes Hall of Fame Donation and Plea

Legendary trainer John Nerud made an industrywide plea to support the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame trainer John Nerud made a generous gift Nov. 3 to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame and made a plea for the all industry participants to support the organization.

“The Breeders’Cup defines them, the Hall of Fame enshrines them,” Nerud said in his appeal. Nerud set an example with a $20,000 donation to the not-for-profit organization that relies primarily on donations to remain viable.

“Membership in the Hall of Fame establishes you as someone with ability and integrity,” said Nerud, who was enshrined in 1972. “That title travels with you the rest of your life. The Hall of Fame is very important to the Thoroughbred industry. They are the keeper of the history, and without the history racing would suffer a great loss. The goal of the Breeders’ Cup and the Hall of Fame are considerably the same. “