Dutrow Granted Stay of New York Suspension

The injunction will remain in effect until his appeal is heard in court.

A New York judge has granted trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. a stay of his 10-year suspension levied by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board.

Michel Koenig, Dutrow’s attorney, said the action by New York Supreme Court Judge Richard Giardino effectively extends a 30-day injunction  initially granted Dutrow. The original stay was due to expire Nov. 16, the date of Giardino’s action.

Technically, the stay has been extended only until Nov. 21. However, it will remain in effect after that date because Giardino ruled it could remain in effect until an appeal filed by Dutrow is heard by an appeals court.

On Nov. 21 the Dutrow appeal will be transferred from the state Supreme Court to the appeals court.
The NYSRWB handed Dutrow the 10-year ban, citing his lengthy history of suspensions and fines.